The garage door is typically the largest moving object within a home, and can weigh hundreds or even thousands of pounds depending on its size and construction. Garage door openers have been around for decades, sparing homeowners the hassle (and effort) of manually opening and closing their garage doors. Still, homeowners tend to be in the dark when it comes to their garage door opener. Here are some important things you need to know about garage door openers, including signs of trouble that warrant a call to a garage door repair company in the Vancouver, Portland, Salem metro area.

Types of Garage Door Openers Garage Door Opener
For starters, the first thing homeowners should know regarding garage door openers is the types of garage door openers available to them. Chain- and belt-driven models have been around for years and are definitely the tried and true, standard “go to” for many homeowners. However, there are plenty of new and innovative product designs to choose from depending on your needs, your comfort level with technology or how handy you are around the house. DC powered units offer homeowners the convenience of more power, and many also come with a battery backup which means you’ll never be stuck in, or out, of your garage in the event of a power failure. Many units, both chain and belt models, with or without DC and battery, can also be equipped with an internet gateway allowing you to control your garage door, and in some instances your lights, from a computer or smartphone. Very convenient if you think you might have forgotten to close the garage door in your hurry to leave, or if you need to allow someone access to your garage in your absence. Jackshaft openers can provide years of service to homeowners with limited space for a traditional opener, but do require more frequent maintenance. As you can see, there are lots of options to choose from. Your garage door specialist can help you find the opener that’s right for you and your home!

Garage Door Opener Maintenance
Though it doesn’t require much, your garage door opener does require some periodic maintenance if you want to ensure safe and efficient operation for years to come. It’s the same concept as tuning up your car and changing the oil to keep it running in top condition for years. You can find lubrication requirements and adjustment details in the owner’s manual. However, because of the risk of injury, we don’t recommend you do much besides keep the system well lubricated. You should also test the safety sensors, but do not stand below the door and keep pets and children away for their safety.

Common Garage Door Opener Problems
One of the nice things about garage door openers is that you know immediately when there’s a problem, which means you can schedule garage door service before things get any worse or cause you any more trouble or delay. Call a garage door repair company serving Vancouver and Portland if you experience any of these garage door opener problem:

  • Garage door won’t open/stay open
  • Garage door won’t close/stay closed
  • Garage door opener won’t respond to remote or wall switch
  • Garage door opener is unusually noisy


Garage doors aren’t new, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t new garage door trends. Case in point: steel garage doors. Modern manufacturing and finishing techniques make it possible to have a steel garage door that looks like classic wood or vinyl doors, but with the added strength and durability of high-grade steel. Not only will steel garage doors last for decades with minimal care, but they also come in a variety of insulation levels which helps keep your garage at a more comfortable temperature. This is great news if you work in your garage during the wintertime or if you just want to save on your energy bills by creating a temperature buffer between your house and the great outdoors!

If you’re interested in buying a new garage door, be sure to consider all your options, including steel. You have lots of different materials and styles to choose from, which is why it can be helpful to work with a residential garage door installation company serving Salem, Portland, Vancouver and the surrounding areas.

Steel Garage Doors


Faulty garage doors in Vancouver, Salem, and Portland may be dangerous and inconvenient in a number of ways. Garage door issues can leave your home exposed, leave you trapped in or out of the garage, or present a threat to the safety of your children or pets. While it’s important to check the issues below frequently, it’s also important that you call a professional garage door repair service to diagnose and repair any problems with your garage door. No matter how handy you are around the house, calling in the professionals once an issue is discovered will ensure that the job is done properly and that no one’s safety is compromised. Keep your garage door in great shape with these tips.

Inspect the Auto-Reverse Feature
The auto-reverse feature of your garage door is crucial when it comes to safety. Garage doors were much riskier Garage Door Maintenance Portlandbefore this great safety feature was introduced. Make sure your family is safe around the garage door by ensuring this feature is working properly. You can test your garage door auto-reverse feature by laying a roll of paper towels on the ground under the door and closing it. The garage door should reverse itself automatically the instant it comes into contact with the paper towels. If your door does not reverse, contact your local garage door technician who will inspect and adjust your garage door opener and make sure your children and pets are safe from the garage door coming down.

Check the Balance
The bank is not the only place you should check your balance; you should also have your garage door professional check the balance of your door. Check the balance of your door by using the quick release mechanism to release the door and stop it at some point during its path. If your garage door is balanced properly, it will stay in place no matter where it stops. In the event that it does not stay in place, your local garage door professional will adjust the balance of your door. This will reduce the likelihood of damage or injury from the door coming down too hard.

Assess the Rollers and Tracks
Your garage door makes use of rollers and tracks to glide through its path. Close the door and inspect each roller and its screws for any signs of damage. Your tracks should also be checked for any missing screws or loose connections to keep your door safe. If you find any loose connections or any rollers that seem to be sticking, contact your local garage door specialist who will lubricate your rollers and make sure your tracks are secure.

Periodic maintenance of your garage door system will keep it in good working order for many years of problem free operation!


For most homeowners, the garage is the least insulated part of your home. Not only do poorly insulated garage doors increase household energy costs, but they can also increase the risk for moisture damage and pest infestations. Even if you don’t spend a great deal of time in your garage, an insulated door is worth looking into. Continue reading to find out whether you should consider replacing your garage door near Vancouver, Portland, or Salem with an energy saving insulated garage door.

Energy Efficiency
If your garage is attached to your home, insulated garage doors will help to improve your entire home’s energy Garage Door Installations Salemefficiency. Uninsulated steel garage doors are particularly prone to heat loss. Garages are large and will naturally conduct heat from your home in the wintertime, both through the walls shared with the garage and the garage entryway.

Moisture Control
There is often a large temperature difference between the inside of a garage and the outside air. Without insulation, this temperature difference can lead to the formation of moisture in the garage. Proper garage door weather seal and weather stripping also helps to keep leaves, rain and snow out of your garage.

Wood garage doors are nature’s best insulators; however, steel insulated doors will also provide additional comfort and beauty to your home. Insulated doors come in a variety of materials, styles and colors to suite any home and any budget.

Garage Noise Issues
If you want to reduce some of the noise from your garage, consider insulating the wall shared by your garage and your home. An insulated garage door can also help keep noise from the street and neighborhood out of your garage and your home.

Use of Garage
Do you use your garage as your “mancave”­­ or workshop? Insulated garage doors can make your garage a great deal more comfortable, they can also help cars stay cooler in the summer and start easier and warm up faster in the winter.­­

To keep your home as comfortable as possible, consider a new garage door, or a tune up and inspection of the weather stripping of your existing garage door today. Professional installers and repair technicians in the Vancouver, Portland and Salem areas can help you keep your home and garage comfortable and help lower your energy costs.


Automatic garage doors openers are a convenient feature found in many homes today. However, not all garage doors near Vancouver, Portland, and Salem come with the latest safety features. For example, some garage doors do not reverse automatically after hitting an obstruction. If you are considering garage door opener installation or just want to keep your family as safe as possible, continue reading.

Never stand, walk, or allow children or pets to run under a moving garage door. Even if you have an automatic Garage Door Safety Portlandgarage door opener, it is important to know how to operate your door manually in the event that the power goes out or the garage door opener malfunctions. This is especially important if your garage does not have a door into the house or an exit door to the yard. If you think something is not right with your garage door, do not attempt to repair on your own. Only a well trained professional should perform garage door repairs. To schedule an appointment to have your garage door system safety checked and tuned up, call the garage door professionals in the Portland, Salem and Vancouver areas today.


Are you experiencing garage door issues in Vancouver, Portland, or Salem? The good news is that professional garage door repairs can help to remedy the problem to keep your garage door working safely and effectively. Continue reading to learn about some of the most common garage door problems.

Garage Door & Opener
There are many symptoms of a broken garage door system. The most common issues are when the garage door either does not fully close, reverses right before reaching the floor, or sticks partway open or closed. Another common garage door opener problem is related to the remote. Sometimes, the key switch, push button, keyless entry system, induction loop system, or treadle may malfunction as well. Other common garage dooropener problems include a noisy door, a shaky door or a “cockeyed” door.

Springs and Cables
The torsion springs are fixed to the top bar of the garage door, while extension springs are. These springs can Common Garage Door Problems Vancouverwear out and break over time and will need to be replaced. Cables may also wear out and detach from the pulleys. If this happens, be very careful around the garage door and call a garage door repair specialist as soon as possible.

Sections and Weather Seal
Garage door sections can become damaged over time. Not only is a damaged garage door section unsightly, but it is also a structural hazard. It is also possible for the door’s weather seal, which keeps cold, heat, rain, and snow from getting into the garage, to become damaged. Over time, weather seals break down due to wear and tear or age, and must be replaced. This is especially true in older homes and those affected by harsh weather.

Roller and Track
Tracks or rollers that are bent or broken can increase the noise level of a garage door and cause it to malfunction. Replacing rollers and hinges will make the operation of your garage door smoother and safer.

Preventative Maintenance
Just as you keep your car tuned up and the oil changed to keep it in good working condition, the same should be done for your garage door and opener. During an annual maintenance check up, your professional garage door technician will check all components of your garage door system. The opener will be lubricated and tuned up, all hinges and bolts on the door will be tightened, the door balanced and rollers lubricated. To keep your garage door in top notch condition, contact your garage door professionals in the Portland, Salem and Vancouver areas today.


Garage Door Opener Issues
Electric garage door openers have been around since 1926. While garage door openers have gotten quieter, more powerful, and more energy-efficient since then, they are still prone to experiencing a number of different issues. The good news is that you can contact a garage door opener repair company serving the Portland, Salem and Vancouver Metro Areas to get your garage door back to working like it should. Schedule a service call if you notice any of these common garage door opener problems:

Malfunctioning Remote

One of the most common problems involves malfunctioning garage door opener remotes. If your wall switch works but the remote is unresponsive, replace the batteries in the remote. If the remote is still not working you may need to reprogram or replace the remote.

Unresponsive Wall Switch

You may also run into a problem where your remote works but the wall switch doesn’t. Because wall switches are wired into your home’s electrical system, it’s not recommended that you inspect or replace the switch wires yourself. Instead, hire a garage door repair technician in the Portland, Salem and Vancouver Metro Area who knows how to safely work with replacing your wall button.

Broken Trolley Carriage

Depending on the age and condition of your garage door, you may experience a problem with the trolley carriage. If the trolley carriage moves but the door won’t open or close, you need a professional to take a look at repair or replacement of the carriage.

Gear and Sprocket Assembly Failure

If the garage door opener makes a loud grinding noise but the door itself doesn’t open or close, the gear and sprocket assembly inside the opener is probably burnt out. The gear and sprocket assembly is one of the most common components to fail on garage door openers.


As a homeowner, you likely take some degree of pride from performing certain household repairs yourself. However, some jobs – like garage door repair, for example – should really be left to the professionals. The next time your garage door starts acting up, pick up the phone and call the team at Dave’s Garage Doors. Here are a few of the reasons why you should avoid DIY garage door repair.

DIY Garage Door Repairs are a Bad IdeaChance of Injury

According to Angie’s List, there were more than 13,000 reported serious garage door-related injuries in 2007. Many of these injuries resulted from people getting their fingers caught between the section joints. Others were injured by falling garage doors. When it comes to DIY garage door repair, the most serious injuries come from the dangerous tasks involved in torsion spring replacement. Since the torsion spring is under significant tension, it can snap causing serious injury if mishandled.

Risk of Damage

You’ve likely heard the countless tales of DIY repairs gone wrong. If you make a mistake while repairing your garage door, you can definitely do more harm than good. Accidentally damaging your door or opener components can be costly. The experienced professionals at Dave’s Garage Doors will expertly address whatever is ailing your sick garage door and keep it happy and running smoothly.

Poor Garage Function

A DIY fix is often temporary and your door may not operate as well as you would like it to. Imagine getting ready to leave for an important meeting, only to find that your garage door won’t open and your vehicle is trapped inside. That will make anyone upset! The best way to ensure your garage door is functioning properly is to hire a professional at the first sign of trouble.

Dave’s Garage Doors, Inc has over 30 years of experience keeping the garage doors in the Portland, Salem and Vancouver areas happy and running smoothly. We can address garage door openers, broken springs and cables, off track doors or any other problem causing your door to malfunction. Call our showroom at (503) 465-4419 with any questions or to schedule a service call.


A garage door adds instant curb appeal to your home. With so many different door options, it’s easy to find one that will blend seamlessly with your home style. When you’re choosing a garage door, start by considering your budget. Wood garage doors are beautiful, but steel doors can be equally pleasing and less expensive. Next, consider things like style, color, and what kind of opener system you need. This infographic from Dave’s Garage Doors, Inc. in Portland explains the decisions you need to make when you’re selecting a garage door. Help homeowners everywhere make smart choices when selecting garage doors by sharing this information.

Garage Door Replacement Infographic


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