Have you been experiencing problems with your garage door opener? Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t? Or, do you sometimes feel like there’s a phantom opening and closing your door at random; and you can’t track the problem down? You might look to the type of lights you’re using in and around your garage to find the culprit.

tree with lights

LED (light emitting diode) lights get their efficiency from something called pulse width modulation (PWM), which turns the light off and on more than 15 times per second. The energy savings comes from the fact that the light is actually on for only half the time. You might be wondering why you don’t realize that the light is off part of the time. That’s because of the phenomenon of persistence of vision. But long story short, the heart of your garage door problem may lie in the control circuit that provides the long life that LED lights are known for. LED lights vs. Garage Door Opener

LED manufacturers work with governmental guidelines requiring control circuits to operate on frequencies between 30 and 300 MHZ. Coincidentally, most garage door opener remotes work with frequencies between 288 and 360 MHZ.

A large apartment building we work with began receiving frequent complaints about open garage doors and non-working garage door openers this past Christmas. We were able to track the problem down to a Christmas light display that included a large numbers of LED lights. Every evening when the Christmas lights were turned on, many garage door openers went haywire. Similar frequency issues have been reported by homeowners who made the switch form old school incandescent light bulbs to fluorescent lights in their garage.

The Federal Communications Commission classifies products like garage door openers, radio-controlled toy cars and similar low powered devices with limited range as “license free spectrum or bands.” That means that they are very loosely regulated and that may be where the problem lies. When it comes to controlling the frequency emissions of these products, manufacturers are on the honor system.

But sometimes, signal leakage outside of the range can happen even with the best-designed products. That’s why gas stations ask that you stay off your phone when fueling up (yes, even here in Oregon) and why airlines have such strict policies about keeping cell phones and computers turned off during take-off and landing.

So, what’s a home owner to do? The easiest and least expensive place to start would be in trying a different brand of bulb. The less expensive foreign-made bulbs tend to cause the most issues, so switching to a brand name bulb could eliminate the problem. If that doesn’t solve your garage door opener problems, you might have to change the type of lighting and switch to a less efficient incandescent light setup.

A good garage door tune up can help determine the problems you face are related to the door and opener system, or a problem with your lights interfering with your opener signal. It will also keep your system in better operating condition for a longer period of time. Call the local garage door experts in Portland, Salem or Vancouver to schedule your tune up today!


There’s a good chance that you take your garage door for granted—that is until something goes wrong. The truth is that, from time to time, your garage door needs maintenance just like the other parts of your home. How do you know when it is time to call a garage door service in Salem? Your door could be in need of maintenance if you notice any of the following signs.

Your Garage is Colder or Hotter Than Usual


Garage Door Needs Maintenance

When properly installed and leveled, a garage door provides an important barrier to the elements. However, if a leak develops or if the door suddenly doesn’t close evenly, hot and cold air can rush through, making your garage temperature to go to the extreme temperatures outside, not to mention causing your HVAC system to work harder to maintain your desired temperature. If you notice a spike in your energy bills, garage door repair—and not just adjusting your thermostat—may be the remedy. Likewise, if your garage is filled with water after it rains, a leak under or around your garage door is likely to blame. Garage door repairs, such as balancing and alignment, can restore the seal.

Your Remote Won’t Respond
If your door remote no longer responds consistently, it is time to call a repair service. Your garage door opener and remote are programmed to be in tune with each other, so delays in response indicate an issue, even if the remote does eventually open the door. Garage door opener repair service can resolve the issue so your remote works the first time, every time.

Your Door Is Noisy
Has your once quiet garage door started banging, creaking, and popping every time you put it up or down? If so, maintenance may be required. Garage doors are designed to operate quietly, so loud noises may be a sign of a problem with the springs or opener, or that rust is building up. Getting maintenance now can prolong the life of your garage door system.


If you are seeking garage door repairs in Vancouver, how do you choose the right company for the job? By doing your homework before hiring a garage door repair specialist, you can find reliable service at a fair price.

Start by checking garage door repair company websites. Be wary of any company without an address, and look for testimonials from satisfied customers. Your garage door company should do all of their own work and avoid hiring subcontractors, and the technicians should be experienced in repairing a range of garage door parts. A long history of doing business in your community is also a good indication of reliability.

Dave’s Garage Doors has been serving customers in and around the Portland, Salem and Vancouver areas since 1981 with an unfailing commitment to service. Talk to your neighbors to find out why they choose Dave’s Garage Doors for garage door repairs and installation over and over again.

Garage Door Repair


Your garage door springs play a central role in your door’s operation, but if you are like most homeowners, you don’t know much about how they actually function. While understanding your springs can help you recognize when your door might need maintenance, the most important thing to know is that if you need garage door spring repair in Vancouver, hiring a professional is essential. In untrained hands, garage door springs are extremely dangerous, so leave the work to the trained technicians.

There are two types of garage door springs: torsion and extension. Torsion springs are located above the closed door, while extension springs are on both sides of the upper tracks. The springs rely on tension to hold and release your door—part of the reason why they are so difficult for a novice to work with. Safety cables run through most extension springs to help control them if they snap. If your door won’t open at all, or is much heavier than normal, you may have a broken spring that requires professional repair.

Garage Door Springs


One if the most important reasons why garage door maintenance is necessary is safety. A garage door that functions properly is the safest for your family, but teaching your kids the right way to treat your door also matters. Whether you’re buying a new garage door in Portland Salem or Vancouver, or you simply want a refresher on safety for your family, these tips will help.

Respect the Opener Garage Door Safety Tips
As fun as it may be for young children to watch the garage door go up and down, an opener is never a toy. Not only can playing with the garage door opener cause it to malfunction, but it can also put children and pets in danger of being hit by the door or even trapped underneath. Keep your opener out of the reach of your children, and be sure your push-button wall unit is installed high enough that your kids can’t touch it. If your opener is not working as normal, call an expert for garage door opener repair service to prevent any dangerous malfunctions.

Stay Clear of Moving Doors
When your garage door is in motion, no one should be near it. Avoid trying to rush under a moving door, even if it is going up. Trying to slip under a moving door is risky for adults and provides children with a dangerous example. Although most garage doors have motion sensors that are supposed to stop the door if there is movement under it, don’t rely on this. Instead, stay clear of the door and watch to make sure the door opens or closes completely when in operation.

Don’t Attempt DIY Work
Garage door repairs can be dangerous when not handled by a professional. The opener uses electricity, and the door and its parts can be heavy and difficult to maneuver. Avoid the risk of injury and hire a qualified garage door repair technician when you need service. Hiring a professional can also help you avoid the need for more costly repairs caused by improper or incomplete work.


Many homeowners strive to craft an aesthetically appealing home, and some do so by emphasizing their beautiful garage doors serving Salem. Fortunately there are many different options to choose from when it comes to garage doors. Whether you prefer steel, carriage, or wooden garage doors, you are bound to find the perfect option for your taste and your needs. Read on if you are interested in taking a tour of some popular garage door styles.

Steel Garage Door Styles
There are many advantages to steel garage doors, making them a popular as well as reasonable choice for the home. A steel garage door is typically affordable and durable, offering the homeowner a long working life. Although steel itself is vulnerable to rusting, you can combat this issue by choosing a sturdy steel with an overlay. This is one type of garage door that requires little to no maintenance. If you are looking for a sturdy and dependable door that you do not have to care for very often, a steel door might be the right choice for your needs.

From fences to shutters and everything in between, wood is often regarded as one of the more aesthetically appealing materials. The case is no different when wood is applied to garage door styles. A wooden garage door can effectively round out your home design and boost your curb appeal. Like steel garage doors, wooden doors can also be durable and long lasting. The one area where wooden garage doors might suffer a drawback is maintenance. Since it is a beautiful and authentic material, wood typically requires more maintenance than others. This maintenance typically comes in the form of finishing or painting, although this maintenance can also allow you to change the appearance of your door entirely.

A carriage style door might be made of steel or wood, and it brings a unique aesthetic to any home. These types of garage doors are available in a multitude of styles, and they can be custom made to fit your design. If you are going for an original look, consider a carriage style garage door.


If you have a garage door near Vancouver, it’s important that you know how to keep it safe from freezing during the winter. When rainwater trickles into your garage and stays there, a falling temperature can cause your door to freeze and stick in place. If you don’t want to have to deal with a frozen garage door every morning, follow these simple tips to prevent freezing:

Watch for ice. Garage door in winter
If snow and ice are allowed to accumulate around your garage, it can make your door more likely to freeze. This can happen very suddenly, so be sure to take a quick glance at your garage every morning during the cold months. Clearing away ice as quickly as possible will help to keep your garage door functioning smoothly.

Use table salt.
If your neighborhood is experiencing frequent rains, try sprinkling table salt on the driveway underneath your garage door. Since salt makes it more difficult for water to freeze, this will help to reduce the frequency of freezes. Spraying lubricant on your garage door’s rollers and hinges can also help keep them safe from freezing.

Check your weather seal.
Every garage door has a seal that helps to insulate the garage from outside weather. If your seal is starting to get weather-beaten and cracked, however, it’s time to invest in a new one that will keep out water and cold air. If you notice a draft when you are standing in your garage, or if dirt and moisture are beginning to come through the door, you may need a new seal.

Keep your garage warm.
Installing a new heater in your garage is a smart way to ensure that your garage door will not get too cold at night, which makes it less likely to freeze. As a bonus, this will also make your garage a more pleasant place to be during the long winter months.


Do you know the best ways to keep your garage door operating in great condition throughout the years? The first step is to make sure that you keep up with annual maintenance for your garage door and its opener—this will help to ensure that your garage door performs well throughout its entire life expectancy. It’s also important to call a professional garage door repair technician at the first sign of a problem, rather than trying to ignore issues or fix them yourself. Check out this infographic from Dave’s Garage Doors, a garage door maintenance company in Vancouver, to find out more about maintaining your garage door system. Please feel free to share this useful information with your friends, family, and neighbors.

Extend the Life of Your Garage Door System


You may think of your front door or your privacy fence as your barrier of security that protects your house, but do not forget about your home’s garage doors in Vancouver, Salem, or Portland. It is crucial that you consult a professional when dealing with garage door problems; failing to do so could result in serious consequences, like unnecessarily high energy bills, home invasions, and even significant injuries. Read on for help in understanding the dangers of DIY garage door repair.

Rollers and Tracks DIY Garage Door Repair
Garage doors may seem like large planks of wood or steel on the outside, but there are actually several important components that allow them to operate. Many of these components can be dangerous to tinker with if you do not have professional experience. Your rollers and tracks allow your garage door to follow its path smoothly as you open and close it. When they become bent or broken, however, they prevent your garage door from gliding through its path smoothly. A professional can safely repair your rollers and tracks or replace them with other rollers and tracks that can make your door run more smoothly and quietly. Attempting to do this yourself can lead to serious injury; always call a professional garage door repair service instead.

Springs and Cables
Much like rollers and tracks, springs and cables are essential components of your garage door that may become damaged or broken over time. Springs and cables can be very difficult, not to mention extremely dangerous to replace on your own. Broken cables can prevent your garage door from working properly, and attempting to fix them on your own can lead to further damage and costlier repairs. Broken springs will prevent your door from opening. Because of the significant amount of pressure your garage door spring are under, spring replacement should never be attempted by homeowners. Professional garage door technicians can safely replace your broken springs and get your door working smoothly again in no time.

Door Sections
The sections of your garage door serve a multitude of purposes: they enhance your home’s energy efficiency, provide security for your family, and give you the level of privacy you desire. Only a professional should replace your door and diagnose any issues with the door sections. When you attempt to replace or repair a section yourself, you may compromise the door’s integrity causing further problems and additional future repairs.


The garage door is the single biggest moving object in your home; unfortunately, it can also be one of the biggest headaches. The last thing you want to deal with when you’re already running late in the morning is a garage door that won’t open—or maybe worse, a garage door that won’t close. After all, you probably have lots of expensive tools and equipment in your garage, so it’s crucial that your garage door shut and stay shut when you leave. The good news is that there are garage door repair companies in the Vancouver, Portland or Salem areas that can quickly address these and other common garage door problems.

Garage Door Won’t Open Garage Door Problems
The first thing to look at if your garage door won’t open is to see if your spring may have broken. With some spring systems, you can actually see the break in the spring, while others may be enclosed in a tube. However, the signs of a break are the same in both instances. If your garage door opener tries to open the door but only gets it a few inches off the ground, take a look at your spring. If it’s broken, call an experienced garage door repair technician to fix it. Never try to replace a broken spring yourself as they are under a great deal of tension and are very dangerous without experience and the right tools. The other reason garage doors may not open is due to a problem with the opener. When you push the button on the wall to open your door, does it hum but not move, or is it silent as well as still. Either issue can be resolved by an experienced garage door repair company.​

Garage Door Opens or Closes on Its Own
No, your garage door isn’t haunted, it’s just in need of service. This problem is known as “phantom opening” and can be caused by a number of things. First, check to make sure that your remote isn’t in a place where it could be “clicked” accidentally, often being in a purse or bag can cause it to be engaged, same if it’s on the car console instead of clipped to the visor. If your remotes aren’t the issue, it could be the programming on the opener itself. Try clearing the codes from your remotes and reprogramming them. If you’re still having a problem with “phantoms”, call your local garage door repair specialists. They can fix the problem and give your garage door and opener a good tune up to keep your entire system in good operating condition!

Garage Door Sticks When Opening or Closing
If you have garage door that sticks, you may be able to spray some lubricant on the metal rollers to smooth the operation. If the door continues to stick, contact a your local garage door repair company. A professional technician may need to adjust the tracks and rollers to get your door running smoothly again.