Garage door opener in hand

Even the most beautiful garage door in the world isn’t real convenienent without a garage door opener. Homeowners interested in simplifying the process of opening and closing their garage doors have many different options to choose from, including chain drive, belt drive, and screw-driven models as well as jackshaft, and direct-drive models. Jackshaft and direct-drive garage door openers are the quietest of all garage door units, but can require more maintenance. When choosing a garage door opener, consider your budget, whether the sound will disturb anyone in your home, and how much focus you want to put on maintenance.

For help finding the perfect garage door opener for your home, consult Dave’s Garage Doors, proudly serving Portland, Salem and Vancouver. Choosing the right opener is important. Our experienced garage door technicians will be able to further explain the pros and cons of each type of opener. and hlep you choose what best fits your needs.

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